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W3 R3 check

Well just done it after a days work. Flagging now after nearly my first week back at school thanks for all the support from you guys it really helps. I wish i could run in a morning but have to leave the house at ten to seven as it is, so up at six. They say we teachers have it easy?? not.

My ankle felt allot better today the ice packs and strapping during the day seems to have made a big difference.

Just had a look at W4 and have to say feel rather anxious at 5min run, but i am going to trust Laura and hope she is not too offended by what i may sayduring that first outing . Good news is my first run will be Saturday morning, bad news i will have had a glass or three Friday night. The carbo's are good for energy ha ha ..

Hope you made it Fraz and others at the same stage as me so lets keep going. We are worth it.

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Congratulations newstart on finishing week 3. Tomorrow marks the end of the first full week of the new term so I imagine I'll be sinking a couple of pints myself. Drink some water before bed and again in the morning and you'll be fine. Works for me ;)

Week 4 is a new challenge but we can do it!! I tried running after the last 3 minutes this morning and it was so hard but I managed 5 and a half minutes. If I can do that so can you and week 4 is possible!! Enjoy your Friday night - every teacher's favourite part of the week ;) And yes, we really are worth it. We teachers spend every day giving to others which is a true pleasure, but to keep the balance you have to give something to yourself. That's why I'm doing this and it's working for me.


Well done Newstart and I'll raise a glass to you on Friday assuming I get through my W3R3 tomorrow. I'm quietly confident but it never pays to be over confident so we'll see what happens.

I haven't considered next week yet. It'll get here soon enough.


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