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I read the above article on the BBC News website yesterday morning and it has made me feel very anxious about going for my early morning run.

Apparently it is not a good time to exercise first thing in the morning as we are at our highest risk of heart attacks.

Just wondered if anyone else has read it and feels worried like i do, to the point that i now have put off running this morning, i will go later today instead.

Am i just being silly or given that i am in my 60's should i take note of what has been said.


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14 Replies

  • I just read the article - that sweet exercise spot it mentions - I'd die if I tried going out then. Ok not literally but I'd find it hard, I'm a morning exerciser. We are all different, those types of models are statistic based. I wouldn't worry do what feels right for you.

  • I think the fact that you have completed the programme and continue to run will do more to lower your risk of a heart attack than anything else

  • I always run in the evenings, and have been thinking I would really like to run in the mornings, but just can't see it happening. When I went to the BBC website and did the quiz in the article in the thread title, I was not remotely surprised to discover that I am "an extreme owl". :D

    Then I looked at the other information, about morning not being a good time to exercise, and it seems very contradictory to me to say on one hand that we all have a different time clock, then talk as if we are all the same.

    The best thing we can do, I reckon, is get moving, keep moving, at a pace and time that suits us, as individuals.

    Extreme owl! I like that. :)

  • Ooooooh! I have my graduate badge! Thank you!

  • I prefer the morning I find it difficult to get motivated when I get in from work even if I do get out there and the run done it's just not the same as those early morning runs at the weekend.

  • If running in the morning works for you, stick with it. As Spoonierunning said, these models are stats based. I'd hate to run in the afternoon, whatever the BBC tells me!

  • Statistically, we are said to be more likely to die at 4 a.m. - so do we stop going to sleep at night for worrying about it? I echo spoonierunning - just do what feels right for you. As it happens, I was watching the BBC News Channel when the 'expert' was explaining the concept of early morning exercise etc. He said that when we are very young we tend to wake up very early, from teenage years onwards we prefer to stay in bed later (he cited teenagers as a typical example!) and then, as we get older, we revert to early mornings again. I'm sure there are plenty of people who do not conform to this pattern and suffer no ill effects. Bottom line we are all individuals - so do what suits you. Best wishes.

  • We were told that 4am bit at school, many years ago, my question was is that GMT or BST? Teacher didn't reply!

    I ran this morning, I'm still alive, off out for a bike ride now........ Lets hope I survive that!

  • I like running any time. I don't give it a second thought, just fit it in with the rest of my day. I'm 57 and feeling fitter than I've ever done, much leaner too because of running. I did hone in on the tip that running in the afternoon is better as you're muscles are at their strongest so I'm going to run this afto and see if I perform any better. Have fun everyone!

  • thanks for all the replies, guess i just get anxious about everything really and this one really worried me. Went out and did 3mile after work this evening, over the fields and faraway and must admit i never even thought i might have a heart attack out there all alone, weird how the media can play with your brain if you are susceptible!!!

  • My run was terrible by the way. Worst for ages

  • Personally I have far more energy in the mornings. By the afternoon I am usually so frazzled after completing the morning's mundane tasks that a siesta is more appealing than a run. Unless you know you are in the high risk category for heart attacks I wouldn't give it a second thought. Run when you most feel like running. I don't think Park Runs would be scheduled for 9 am if it put people at risk.

  • what a brilliant reply i never even thought about the park runs in the morning, you are right, i shall continue running in the morning as well as in the afternoons. Marvelous how hearing other people's opinions can give you so much reassurance, once again thank you all.

  • It probably depends on how much sleep you have. Early to bed - early to rise.

    If your well refreshed then morning is probably a good time. The article does refer to the consequences of not getting enough sleep. As someone who rarely manages more than 4 hours sleep per night - mornings are definitely the worse possible time. I must take my pacemaker with me for the saturday parkruns.

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