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I did it i beat the hill or did i w3 r2

Well during the first 3 min run finally got up that hill that beats me but it didnt hafl take it out of me. Dont think i am ready for hills yet lol the 90 second run after that wasnt to good and the 3 min run at end was run and walk.

I defo need to find a flater surface but where i am not many flat surfaces so may need to head to town to find a flat one grr i will get through this programme

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I finished the plan today and today was the first time I tackled a hill do well done you for going for it! I was almost crawling up it lol! It takes a lot of determination - keep going and good luck!


Great job!

I suspect a few more of those and you will just have absorbed the hill in your run. Its good for the lungs :-D

The stamina picks up quicker than you might expect, keep it up.


I think your amazing doing an 'up' so early on in the programme, I hated ups and didn't really work on them until after graduation, still don't like them much but heyho if there is an up its often followed by a down. Well done, keep up the good work.


thanks guys hope so because when i do this run in reverse there is a longer up i need to cover hehe oh happy days lol


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