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WK5 R2 sore knees and ankles?

Hi can anyone give me some advice about painful ankles and knees. I knew that the runs wouldn't be without pain but I am finding the day inbetween runs I have really sore ankles and sore knees. Is there some specific stretching exercises or supports that I can use. I'm really enjoying the running so don't want to stop but I don't want tyo do any perminant damange? Any suggestions ---- thank you

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Just posted this reply to another post but relevant to you too!!!

I found a few weeks into the programme I need at least 2 rest days between runs, i now aim to do just 2 runs a week, interestingly I found that after my latest run, week 6 run 1 the pain was much less! I want to graduate but I think after the programme I will probably stick to interval running. Good luck!


thank you, I will try two days rest!


make sure that you have the right shoes for your gait. I have had to take weeks off due to being an overpronator and not wearing the right shoes. I also found that doing knee strengthening exercises were very useful. I went to to a physio, but I found some youtube videos that are very similar to the ones he gave me to do, see my reply in this post


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