Sore knees!

After last Thursdays run (W2r1 repeated) I have struggled with painful knees during run and sometimes hips and ankles. Ran again on Saturday and really felt it in joints. Muscles very stiff, stretching daily. Tonight i decided to brisk walk for 30 minutes instead as don't want to risk injury. Bit disappointed as I trust all comments and advice on here about it getting easier, it just doesn't seem to be getting easier for me.


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  • What sort of surface are you running on and have you got decent shoes ? Don't try to run through knee pain. I don't know if you have knee problems normally, have flat feet, or if you are very overweight (sorry) The latter 2 could cause knee problems ! It may be worth you getting your gait analysed and maybe try running on soft ground to reduce impact on joints ! Good luck !! :)

  • Thanks. No knee problems or flat feet, slightly overweight. I try to run on grass. Shoes are ok but they're not proper running trainers.

  • I ran with a slight knee problem and made it a whole lot worse (for me it was running downhill that caused it) I ended up with a month on injury couch and its still not back to normal ! I'm not sure that shoes really matter in the first few weeks. There are some knee strengthening exercises on here which may be helpful. I would wait until your knees feel better then start the week again. I'm sorry you are having problems it must be so disappointing for you !

  • Ah, get good shoes. At the moment New Balance are my favour

  • Thanks. Will do some strengthening exercises after resting and hopefully get running again. Hope ur back to normal soon.

  • Sorry to hear! Knees so far haven't been as big an issue for me (touch wood), but I had a touch of shin splints that may crop ip again. I have flat feet and have to be extra careful. They are right about not running through knee problems. A push now could equal significant setback later. Get good shoes. Also, try to make your step as light of an impact as you can - I try not to plop my foot straight down, but in a circular motion.

  • When you suddenly start running it takes your joints, tendons, bones etc a bit of time to strengthen and get used to the new demands being put on them, just as much as it does the muscles and heart/lungs. You will experience discomfort during this time. This is normal and to be expected. They do adapt though, but it takes a bit longer than 4 or 5 half hour sessions. The important thing is to differentiate between discomfort of this adaptation and pain that could signal injury.

    get proper running shoes, preferably with gait analysis from a running shop - they are every bit as important, if not more so when you are starting running as later. Learn to do some post run stretches. Do squats, lunges and calf raises every day. Every day.

  • Thank you everyone for your info and advice. It's all really helpful

  • Please please please go for a gait analysis and get proper running shoes. I had a knee problem and discovered I over pronate slightly so I bought a stability shoe and knee problem GONE! Plus, lots of squats to strengthen the muscles around the knee.

  • Just to add to all the other suggestions here, if your gait is ok, it might be an idea to leave a few more days between each run, that way your knees get a chance to recover. In the days between try stretching and yoga type exercises to keep the muscles going. I had the same problem when I started and just learnt to listen to my body - if my knees said 'no' then I didn't go.

  • I have read that 'over-striding' can be hard on your knees too. The advice is to keep your foot fall under your shoulders and hips I believe. (Have a Google to be sure).

    If you imagine, when over-striding the leg stays out and very straight when it hits the ground. This absorbs energy and jolts the knee. Maybe smaller, slower strides may help. I find I have to consciously 'relax' too, before I start to run and part way through. I tend to tense up, hunch my shoulders up and forward and drop my head. When I catch myself I raise up 3 inches! Good luck.

  • A rest is needed, me think. Don't despair. Perhaps you push yourself too hard. Take it easy. A bit at a time. Do one week in three or four weeks, even redo week 1 or even half it. Just take care.

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