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Painful knees and ankles


All the way through the program I've had pain in my joints, usually worse first thing in the morning (can hardly get down the stairs some mornings). Today was painful first thing. Knees and ankles very stiff and achey but I've been for a run anyway. During the run the pain either goes away or I forget about it, I'm not sure which but as soon as I stopped running today the pain in the back of my left knee was horrendous. I limped home.

I'm really loving running so don't want to have to give up on account of dodgy knees. Does anyone else suffer this problem and have any tips or reassurance that it gets better.

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Oh ouch, sorry to hear that.

Two thoughts- maybe see a physio to sort this out properly??

Also- have you had gait analysis & bought running shoes that are right for you?

Best of luck getting sorted. 😄


Are you following all the advice in the guide to the plan on minimising impact?

Are you wearing proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop?

Do you stretch immediately after every run?

Have you tried knee strengthening exercises as linked to in the guide to the plan?

If it persists after trying the above, best to seek the opinion of a physio.

In time running normally strengthens joints.

Take care.

Zigas in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks. I do have proper running shoes that I had fitted at a running shop but not had gait analysis. I warm up pre-run and stretch as soon as I get back home. I'll try the knee strengthening exercises too though.


I’ve historically had problems with both my knees, one of which sounds similar to what you describe - severe pain at the back of the knee. It was sorted out by quite a few sessions with a physio (via wonderful NHS).

I would suggest seeing a Dr who may arrange a physio assessment. I wouldn’t run until you get some professional advice as you could make it a lot worse which in turn would take longer to recover from.

Good luck 😃


Head across to the Strength and Flex forum..posts there on ankles and feet and my exercise post this week..knees:)


Sorry to hear that,

Hope you get better

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