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From week 1 to graduate, each and every one of you are a total inspiration!


I am so loving this board! Even though I am from a small town in the states, I love how everyone here has a common bond. I am inspired by those just starting out and how reading the post stirs up so many of the same concerns and issues I faced and I am totally inspired to read all of the weeks ahead of me and to see postings from those just graduating! I am into week 5 and truly do enjoy reading the blogs of those in the same week as myself, I don't feel near as alone in this journey. I never dreamed 5.5 weeks ago I would be here, in week 5 and facing my second run of the week tonight with confidence instead of fear. My first week I was so disappointed with myself, I wanted to give up, but I found this board and truly, you guys have kept me here and WANTING to continue on. Thank you so much for all you guys do, from beginner to graduate, you are all an inspiration!!!! Keep on running and blogging!!! Gayle :-)

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Hi Gayle in the States, it was nice reading your blog, I didn't find this site until I was on week 7 of my second time of doing C25K so was very much a lone runner who was alone too. I still find inspiration reading blogs of those people who are just starting out, it never stops me from learning and also makes me think that a year ago I was like that, felt like I was going to die the first week. I love my running and love to share my experiences with my friends on here so keep your blogs coming its good to hear how you are all getting on too. Good luck for the remaining few weeks of the programme your well over half way there now, well done.


Well done on getting to W5R2 - that pretty much means youre half way through !! I've found some of the runs very tough but I always think back to W1. I completed the run ok but could not have run for more than 60 seconds at a time, no way.

Keep going, everyone on this site are amazing, I've had some great responses and suggestions. Luckliy I found this site prior to downloading the podcasts, my first question was to ask where I got the podcasts from !! Not sure I'd be on W6 now if it hadn't been for the supportive comments.

Good luck for the coming weeks, not going to pretend its easy but you feel amazing when you've completed the run ;-)


Hi there USA Gayle and yes, this site is brilliant. Everyone is so supportive and we're all in the same boat. Good luck with the rest of Week 5 - I'm just a few runs ahead of you, so hopefully we'll be graduating around the same time ;-) bfn

Hi Gayle. Well done with reaching week 5. It is a very happy supportive site, even when things go wrong and we feel destined to fail, there's always someone there saying the right words and helping. I think that's amazing seeing as we are obviously complete strangers. I've been on the site since January 2011 and couldn't imagine running without giving and receiving support/inspiration.

Also, when I run I often imagine what I'm going to say in the blog afterwards, so it takes my mind off the running ;)

Hi Gayle, nice blog and I know what you mean, people on here are truly inspiring.


Well done on getting so'll be graduating before you know it. I too love this site and find it great for sharing the succcesses with people that totally get it and just as importantly getting the support, virtual hug and kick up the arse when I need it - from rereading my past blogs this is an equal share!

I also find it amazing how the site is growing. When I joined there were less than 300 (back in March this year) and now there are nearly 3000 (last time I looked)...Wow!


Hi Gayle, I totally agree & was only just saying to my husband today how much these blogs have helped spur me on in the programme, it's invaluable to know that others have been there done that & bought the T-shirt (quite literally now we have the C25k shirts! :-) )

Hi Gayle. You are so right about this forum. There are some very inspirational people on here and it's great to know that you are not alone, someone will be feeling exactly the same, at the same stage. Don't worry about w5 r3 you will be fine. I did it on Monday and have lived to tell the tale.

Good luck and enjoy.

Hi Gayle, I was so fortunate-I found the blog whilst downloading the coaching onto my ipod, so read a lot of the shares before I even started. One thing inspired me to actually get out there and do it was someone who said "This is not a race, nor a competition, you are doing this for yourself". This is so true, and it is so wonderful to read about people who started off as unfit as I am now aspiring to C25K.

Well done Gayle-I didn't know the NHS C-5K in 9 weeks was worldwide. I'm on Week 2, run 1 this morning. I did it, despite my fears of the extra 30 seconds running:-)


Great to hear you news and glad you are enjoying it. This community is so supportive, if I don't feel like running, I just see what everyone else is up to and it provides the necessary motivation.

Its great that the programme is available for anyone who wants it, I wonder how many other countries have NHS C25K'ers, it would be so interesting to find out. It could become a worldwide phenomenon.!!

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