Couch to 5K

From one C25K to another....a tale of obsession

So, I seem to have developed a slight addiction to running (also known as staggering slowly whilst drooling).....

I was desperate to get out of the gym after becoming sick of not being able to get on the cross trainers when it's so busy after work, and frankly being bored out of my tiny mind being stuck inside. Grew up in the country and spent every minute I could as a kid riding horses, so my legs are strong, all that riding meant my muscly legs were never going to be the delicate ladylike pins I was after! But after spending my 20s working and playing hard in London, I had put on some serious weight and developed a nasty smoking habit. Moved out of London and got married, joined a gym, lost a lot of weight, but got sooo bored in there with the after work crowds.

I downloaded a C25K app for my iPhone and off I went. Well, thought I was fit from all the time on the treadmill and cross trainer, but running, that's a whole different ball game! My first 'run' in March was in the snow around the industrial estate while my husband was in the warm gym, but at least there weren't many witnesses to my near death experience. But, first session complete and I repeated this first session 3 times in the first week until I managed that magic 60 seconds. Somehow i hurt my back in this first week and could barely move for 2 weeks - oops!

Since then, with the exception of a few weeks off because of injury and illness, I've just kept going. And I am loving it. I have picked up this C25K now as week 4/5 on the iPhone app just seemed to not be pushing me forwards, I was stuck at 3 minutes and even going out with therunning trainer every weekend wasnt pushing me through the week. I was googling around and came across this site and started reading all your stories and it just inspired me and convinced me I was capable of more than I was currently doing. Started on the W4R1 and tonight did W6R2, with even the dreaded W5R3 done with no fatal injuries on Monday this week. I love getting out there to run and struggle without it on the rest days, who knew.....?

I am an avid reader of all your stories on this site and it has provided so much help and advice and made me feel so much better about taking it slowly to start with, I am now sticking to the plan because I know I am perfectly able to do it - mind over matter! I've even signed up for a Park Run and should be doing my first one at the end of the month - I'd never even heard of them until here lol.

See, I am obsessed! Been rambling on forever on here. My friends and family are bored to tears by all this.

Now if only I could be a slim and elegant runner........a girl can dream :-)

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Loved reading this ! Keep it up and keep us posted !


I know you do get obsessed - my husband's eyes roll when I mention the word run but bless him he also pushes me out of the door if i'm wavering. Brillant blog - thanks.


Thanks guys, I am now reading all the blogs on here each night even before I start on my usual showbiz gossip lol! I really thought it was just me being a few stone overweight and taking forever to progress, but something has clicked this week and you lot on here really make a difference.

Hmm, rambling about runnng again........

PS - I meant to say above that my next run will be W6R2, tonight was R1 - I may be obsessed but I ain't mad enough to skip runs at this stage lol.


Great post, well done!


I am in the same boat as you- I have been sleeping so late since last 2-3 weeks as I am reading the blogs and absolutely love everyone here (I know it sounds weird)


Lol, C25K blogs are the new Heat! I'm currently more interested in what the best trainers and sports bras are than what the new 'in thing' is, amazing how something can change you :-)


So glad you found us! It is an awesome program, and an addicting sport. Keep up the great work!


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