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Week 7, Run 3. Or is it?

Supposed to be the final run of Week 7 for me on my current C25k plan tonight, however i'm planning on doing something different.

It's been 8 weeks since I started this running lark, and to get through the plan i've had to slow down my running pace significantly, I run much slower than my "natural" running pace.

Tonight i'm planning to up the pace considerably and see how I compare to what I used to do before I started taking this seriously. There is no way i'll be able to hang on for the full 25 minutes needed to move onto Week 8 of the plan, but it will be fun to see how much farther I can run than before I started. At least I hope I can run farther!

If by some miracle I do manage to get to 25 minutes before dying, then awesome, but that isn't going to happen. My natural running pace is around 10-11kph I think, i'm currently running at just over 8kph to get through the full 25 minutes without stopping.

This is going to kill me, I can't wait :D

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I had to reduce my speed twice during the programme because I just wanted to develop the stamina the run for 30-40 minutes, no matter how slowly I had to go. I was in week 9 before I did 5k (and to do that I had to run through the cool-down walk!) but now I use the 5k+ speed podcasts and I'm gradually increasing my speed each time. Have fun, hope your plan works! :)


It's not a plan as such, more an "I wonder" and just a bit of fun :)

I'm fully expecting to have to do my proper W7R3 in a few days.


Heh, that run was interesting.

Managed 20 minutes before I gave in, with 2 walking stops in that. Ran for just over 7 minutes at my "natural" running pace which is about 10.5kph according to my garmin, had a walk, ran another 3 minutes at 8.5kph, had a walk, then ran just under 8 minutes again at 8.5kph.

Did 3k in 20 minutes, average speed of 9kph, average pace of 6:40 min/km, including the walking.

My first 1k was done in 5m41s :D

A long way to go to hit my 5k in 30 minutes goal though.

Back to the plan next run.


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