Couch to 5K
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5k+ stepping stones

Well, I whinged when I listened to the speed of the podcast, but now I can report what it's like to do it!

Warm up walk was good, brisk and got you in focus and positioned to run. First 10 minutes I kept to the beat and was puffing. Had a little walk to bring heart rate down as quite breathless. Carried on not too far off the beat. Then when it went up to 160 beasts per minute I didn't keep up at all but the music still motivated me to keep going as fast as I could even though I was getting a bit tired. Though not as bad as I always find the first 10 minutes.

Yes this was quite tough, but you know I would do it again as its keeps you going as fast as you can even if you struggle to keep up. I am not sure of my increase of time as usually I set my Nike+ to 4 k or 40 minutes running depending on how I feel and today I set it to basic run and counted in the 5 minute warm up. Biit silly really but so long as when I do this workout I do the same I can get some measure.

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