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W6R2 and what NOT to do!

Whilst doing R2 on Friday I started to think about the way I was landing on my feet and noticed that, for my right foot, I always landed on the side of my foot ! I thought it was a strange way to land (what do I know?!) and tried to change it whilst running. BIG MISTAKE! I bruised/sprained/hurt the inside of my ankle that left me hobbling throughout the run. But (mistake No 2) I carried on with the run (although by now it was more of a hobble (is there such a word?). The pain lasted thoughout the day. On Saturday I RICED (rest, iced, elevated it (forgot about the compression)) and, although my foot was a bit sensitive this morning I attempted to do run No 3 (mistake No 3). The walk was OK but as soon as I started to run my foot gave out on me leaving me to limp painfully home. My foot is now so bad that I think I don't think I will be able to run for a WHOLE WEEK! So, my message is don't worry about your gait, don't try to change it and if you feel any pain at all stop running! Gutted

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Ouch, poor you! Hope you feel better soon. :-)


Thanks notbad.


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