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Just returned from holiday - seriously need to get back to some serious running

Just returned from two weeks in Lake Como. Took running gear with intention to run if only a couple of times. First week it was so hot mid 30's I actually didn't see anyone jogging. Not that many pavements either so I would have had to have run some bits on the road and knowing how the Italians drive did not feel this was a safe option. Second week cooler (but only saw a few people jogging early in the morning). I have piled on the pounds and tomorrow the diet starts and I start running again.

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Oh I am very jealous; Lake Como is one of my favourite places and I often go around Easter time, but didn't get to go this year. I have run there too, as it is not so hot at that time of year.

Good luck with the diet! and hope you enjoy your run tomorrow :)


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