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Week 4 done!

So, today was my final run for week 4. I had reservations about moving onto week 4 but I'm glad I did. I just wish my legs would catch up with my mind and that my calf muscles would stop getting so tired :(

Today I forgot to turn round half way along so ended up going much further than I should. This gave me a lot of walking time at the end so after the podcast had finished I went back 10 mins and did the final 5 min run again. Naughty, I know! So I did 21 mins which I know is more in total than I will be doing at the end of next week - but that will all be in one go!

So, bring on Monday and W5R1 (can't believe I'm saying that)!

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Well done, I think getting week 4 down is a real're in the swing and hitting the mid point of C25k. Good luck for week 5, it feels good to have a new challenge on each run this week. Let us know how you go :)


I did it too! Finished week 4!! Well done you, hope you're as pleased as I am :)


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