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W3 R2 - Bombed! I need some help please!!!

I need some words of advice and motivation from you friendly peeps out there. (Especially anyone who has Bipolar and has managed to stick to the plan on down weeks - that would be great!)

After a bit of a break, I ran W3R1 on Saturday and stormed it. Seriously, given that I could barely do the one minute on W1, I was so chuffed I actually cried when I got home. I could have done it again. Then on Monday, I hit that treadmill feeling confident and raring to go - and completely bombed. I completed it, but more at a power walk than a jog and my legs burnt like anything.

I'm due to do my next run tonight, and whilst I'm determined to graduate, I'm just not feeling it today. Should I wait til I feel more positive or just do it anyway? Can anyone help?

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Hi, I would do it anyway, always makes me feel fantastic after and I feel down if I can't go! Good luck ;)


Don't be put off by an off day, any run is better than staying in the sofa. Start off at a nice slow steady pace so you don't run out of energy.

Well done on getting to week 3 already. Go for it and let us know how you are doing.

Good luck :o)


I wont pretend I understand Bopolar because I dont. My mantra is that I do three runs for each week. If I have not been able to complete a run (Which has happened on more than one occasion) I simply repeat until I have three consecutive runs. It takes as long as it takes. You move onto the next week when you feel ready. Have faith in your body too.well done on your achievements so far. Pick your self up dust yourself down and give it another go. Keep your chin up


Cheers guys, ur all spot on. I did go out n do my run after reading all the grad blogs, and it was tough at first, but then I realised I was concentrating on running. I discovered that by letting my mind wander it was suddenly easy - the last 3 mins I ended up doing at a proper sprint whilst singing along!!!! Yay! :-)


Good on really helps all this support on here...:)


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