W3 R2

Done, Still sweating like the preverbal though and that is after a shower and a gallon of water oh and a nana :D Just 1 to go saturday am :D look forward to my runs now :D it is a real sense of achievement for an ex smoker and couch potato who did nothing except walk to and from a car !!

Am looking forward to seeing my doc if i ever get ill so i can stick 2 fingers upto him lol 1.I dont smoke! 2. I now run !! he will feint !!!

Now looking for new running shoes as my current ones are starting to look abit shell shocked ... hope everyones week is going well :D


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18 Replies

  • Well done Rob.

    I hope you didn't eat a whole Grandmother!!

  • Thanks Maysie :D haha not in one sitting i cant :D

  • Hey, that's great! I too had to re-read "nana" to get what you meant (and I have a 2 year old who says that all the time so I should have picked it up straight away!)

    Congratulations on your good work so far - much respect for giving up the smoking AND starting running! Your body must be wondering what's going on! :)

    Keep it up - we'll be with you all the way!

  • Thanks atomic :D i was being lazy by not typing banana :D My body has had a few words with me but i just told it to be quiet, it will be worth it :D

  • Hey well in Rob ! Its funny but when I used to go to the docs , with say a ear infection or a pain anywhere, he used to say " Do you smoke ? " and when I said " yes " he'd say " Well there you are then " :-D

    Youre doing really well , I bet you feel amaazzing too , good this innit ? :-) xxx

  • hi poppy :D exactly , whatever i went to docs for,it was always "because you smoke" !! not anymore :D I do feel good and miss running on the off days but definitely need them :) Thanks for your kind and very supportive words :D xx

  • Aw nice one Rob, you sound like you have been well and truly bitten by the bug !

    Keep going and keep posting, its always good to hear how youre progressing :-) xxx

  • Thanks again Poppy :D bitten and hooked :D will keep posting , does the sweating so much ever stop?? lol xx

  • Ha ha only for a bit , but then it gets worse ha ha :-D xxx

  • ha ha thanks poppy xx

  • Well done Rob - although you may not know it, you are now turning into a runner. Soon you will be thinking "How did I manage without running?". :)

  • Many thanks Run , think that has already happened :D

  • Going well so far Rob...It is an achievement and hopefully doing you good too. Sweating is good, but unavoidable in this warm weather. Good luck !

  • Thanks hen :D it is definitely doing me good :D today was warma nd humid hopefully sat will be a little cooler :D

  • Hey well done , you'll be needing to change your screen name soon ;)

  • thanks Ej :) hmmm not sure about that, slow and steady :)

  • Well done Rob... I've just got in from my W3R2 as well and certainly dont feel as bad as I did after W1R1!! Looking forward to completing week 3 over the weekend although a bit nervous about increasing the running minutes... but hey... did that from week 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3!! I gave up smoking a few years ago and I can't believe how much better I feel for that and starting to run.

  • Hi Andy , Thanks and well done you too . I think it is as much a mental thing as physical , 3 weeks ago running anyway was beyond me but now :) all different i am starting to feel much stronger in both areas :D R3 tomorrow morning for me ,hope your R3 goes well :D

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