Out of sync

My last run was not what I was expecting. I started out on my brisk warm up and then my iPod stopped at the end of the track I was playing. I thought it was odd but decided I had it on another setting. When I checked it had run out of battery. I didn't have another slot to run so just decided to go anyway. Idid a route I do quite often and know well so I knew when to start running, I usually do 4k and if my body lets me I will go on but it doesn't happen too often. I started running where I would normally but I kept stopping (about 3 times) for a rest. I was cross with myself because I didn't have those comforting remarks and how far I've gone and keep going in my ear I was being the old mrs lazy and having a not deserved rest.

I did have my phone with me and timed by run around the lake for a rough idea as to how long it took me and it took 22 minutes and normally it would take me about 30! On looking back I think without the Music I went too fast and got out of breath then needed to stop. I continued this run walk until I had done at least 4 k. I rely heavily on the beat of the music.

I have looked for a jogging album but they are all too fast, I get a bit bored of the same music all the time.

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  • Have you looked at jog.fm? It's a website where you input your 'per km' time and it'll suggest music which suits your running speed? That might help.

  • WOW! I have been dreaming of a way to get music to suit my pace, thanks so much.

  • Oh wow, that's great thank you for that I will have a look.

  • What a great idea!

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