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Week 5 Run 1 done Hurray!!!!

Walked back from work - a 25 minute uphill one, got changed, walked to the local park and did my run. I even managed to push my last 2 and half minute of running into a proper run as opposed to a namby pamby jog. For the first time, in those 2.5 minutes I felt like I was 'doing' it properly. Boy did I work up a sweat and a pant though!! I got a few strange looks from dog walkers all wrapped up in waterproofs and wellys as I jogged on by in my sleeveless running top!!! I enjoyed running in the rain though.

The biggest issue was pushing through the tightness of my calves, which mainly eased by the third run. Because of this tightness I have also decided to start doing warm ups and cool downs. OK bring on run 2 I will be ready!!!! Against all personal expectations six weeks ago!!!

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Well done you, I completed this run this morning. Think I have actually been running at the beginning of each run although slowing to more of a jog towards the end. Found the second run really hard but the third less so, thought it would be the other way round !!

Looking forward to R2 but not so much R3 although I have downloaded a running CD to assist as I don't think Laura's tunes will get me through 20 mins !! Good luck ;-)


Congratulations to you as well!

I am noticing I recover much more quickly and am starting to have to push myself just a little harder to make it feel like I am working.

A very good idea about the music - 20 minutes of Laura's music is not a great prospect. Will investigate my music library -

Looking forward to both runs - I try and reward myself by running somewhere nice on my third run, so will wait until Sunday and do a river wall run.

Good luck and thanks for the support


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