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How does week 5 work?

I download the podcasts individually onto my phone (not through itunes) and I know people are getting worked up over week5 run 3 because you have to run for 20 mins.

Do you not have to run for 20 mins on week5 from run 1? I only ask because I only have the one podcast for week5 so wondering how it works?

Hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance :)

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run1 is alternate 5 minute runs with 3 minute walking bits in between

run 2 is 8 minute runs with 5 minute walking bits in between

run 3 is a 20 minute walk with no rests

week five is whare the programme ups the pace of things


thanks shane,

so are there 3 separate week5 podcasts or does it know when youve heard it once and changes?


There are 3 podcasts for Week 5, you should have 3 individual files.

Good luck.


Great ok thanks! (technophobe!)


As others have said it's 3 different runs, W6 is also 3 different runs then back to one run for the whole of the week for the rest of the programme. If you click on the 5k link below & then each individual run there is a breakdown of each run:


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