W7R1- found the first 10 minutes harder than the following 15! Is this normal? Run just wasn't 'happening' at the start

Seriously thought I was going to have to gve up after 10 mins this morning. The run just wasn't 'happening'. Everything felt wrong somehow. Then just as I was wondering how I was going to slope off from the treadmill and make my exit from the gym, things started to 'click'. I found I was in a rythym, I seemed to relax, and I actually thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the run, feeling really chuffed with myself when I finished. This programme is amazing!


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12 Replies

  • I always find the first part of a run the hardest so you are not alone and alot of others on here and at my running club also comment that the first 10 mins are tough.

    Well done on not giving up though!

  • I totally agree - the first 10-15 minutes are always the worst. Well done for persevering !

  • I felt exactly the same this morning(W8R1). Hit the halfway point and then had a eureka moment. ended up running to for 33 minutes in the end. I just recalled laura telling me at some point in this process that it is mind over matter and in the case of today it was

  • To paraphrase a certain paranoid android: the first ten minutes are the worst. The second ten minutes, they're the worst too. After that I go into a bit of a decline. ;)

    I reckon it takes me about 10-15 minutes to warm up, during which I constantly think I'm going to stop. I'm looking forward to 'enjoying' the rest of the run at some point soon. :-/

  • I spend the first 5 minutes of EVERY run fighting off the gremlins telling me I can't do this. They crowd around with reasons for failure - you need the loo, you forgot to drink enough, the hills are too steep, it's too hot/cold, you're not built for running, the legs hurt etc, etc. Once I get past the first 5 minutes then I can settle into a rhythm and I'm off! :-) It really is mind over matter every time!

  • Well done for keeping going, you got your reward of knowing you'd completed the run AND enjoying it! I'm the other way round, I like starting off but after 15 minutes or so the gremlins start clamouring.....

  • Oh yes this happens for me frequently - i set off - feel no good - hurt - gremlins - can't do it - and then after about 10 minutes it all settles down - if i get there! Last week i did a whole 5K for the first time after setting off feeling dreadful - million reasons to give up - told myself i could just walk if i needed to - and then after about 15 minutes it felt great - kept going - made it to 5K in 39mins and 20sec. Not super fast but fab for me!!

  • Oh yes, totally. There's a 10-15 minute barrier. If I can get through it, all is good, but often I have to walk a bit at that point. Then head for the barrier again...

  • Wow stridingedge you're at W7 already, where does the time go?? Well done! :-)

    The answers to this question are the reason why I love the c25k blog, whenever there's something where I think it's just me then I come on here and see that it's not. My inner voice whines like a baby for the first 10 minutes....

  • I feel the same too! I always think I am just not going to make it today but seem to settle into a good pace and feel fine for a bit but now I am aiming for 10k anything past 30 mins is as bad as the first 10 minutes. I think I start off too fast instead of a slow and steady pace.

  • I'm so glad I saw this post, I've just completed W5R1 so although I am some way behind most of the posts I found the first 5 mins ok (ish), managed it but was certainly ready to walk when Laura told me to, the second 5 mins was hell, I just wanted to stop and then the third probably the best of the three. Not saying I wasn't ready to walk when Laura told me to !!

    Can't work out why that is though, I thought I would start off with lots of energy and then start flagging towards the end.

    Just got to get myself through R3. Not too concerned with R2 but the step up from there is big. I did once manage to run for 15mins but that was after sticking with the gym for a while. Just got to get it through my big head that I CAN do it but reading these posts, if I can push through the first 10mins and find a rhythm then it will be alright -

    Thanks all !! ;-)

  • I have just found all these responses and am very grateful to you all. It is very reassuring to know that so many other people 'enjoy' the same experience when running! Good luck to you all where ever you are up to in your journey.

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