W7r1: I do like this running lark (after the first 5 minutes)

Yay, w7r1done and it wasn't too bad, after the first 5 minutes. Why is the beginning always so tough? Why can I finish with Laura's 1minute burst of 'speed' after running for 24 minutes, but feel like my lungs are going to explode during the first 5minutes? One of life's, or should that be running's, great mysteries. Ho hummmmm......


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8 Replies

  • Well done, I had my second go at w7r1 this morning, much better but I erm ditched Laura I found it much easier

  • Congrats on getting through the run this time. Ditching Laura - brave (and controversial) but if it works for you, then why not? Think you must be a bit of a rebel at heart!!

  • More of a break rather than I full on break up :D .... Well we shall see

  • Well done on your first run of W7. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

  • Cheers Fitmo

  • The music on Week 7 is (sorry Laura) rather awful.. :) Week 8 is much better if you want to invite Laura back into your life...

    Like you, I don't really enjoy the first 5-10 minutes... somehow our brains try to tell us "you'll never do this", "why bother now, no-one will notice if you stop", "you're already out of breath" and "oh, I think your legs are already sore".... Once that debate is out of the way, the minutes slip by... :)

    Well done on getting so far! Good luck on your next run...

  • Thanks Aussiegtc. Must admit I rely heavily on the music to get me through, by concentrating on the lyrics and beat so much that I blot everything else out. This weeks' music is lamentable so the distraction technique isn't working. Perhaps I'll follow Laura's advice and run a different route so I've got something else to concentrate on.

  • Aussiegtc have you been reading my mind!! That's exactly what I think for the first 10 minutes then somehow I start to enjoy it. Have to admit though that no matter how much I run I still find it hard but I enjoy the challenge.

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