Can't believe it! Couldn't run for 10 seconds at the start!

I know it doesn't sound much but for somebody 5st overweight, asthmatic & who has hidden themselves away after a bad bout of post natal depression for the last 3 years I'm so happy to say I've just completed a day of week one properly!

Previously I've only been able to do it with about 10 mins walks between each 60 second run.

I couldn't run 10 seconds when I started! :D keep going anyone in the same boat :D


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23 Replies

  • Massive congratulations!! You've done the hard part, getting out of the house / moving / committing to yourself and doing it. So impressed. Welcome to a bunch of addicts!! Good luck :)

  • This programme is just incredible. So simple on the face of it, but I promise you, if you see it through, it is genuinely life changing. Well done, keep it up!!

  • That's brilliant, keep at it, you're doing amazing x

  • Thanks guys I knew you would understand :)

  • Well done you You've taken the hardest step. Lots of support and advice on here. Happy running

  • That's fab. Well done you!! :)

  • Well done, that is ace. Just keep going at your own pace and who knows where it will take you :-)

  • Well done. Keep up the good work.

  • Well done ! If you can persevere like that when its really hard at the start you have definitely got what it takes to succeed at this. Hope you manage to do the rest of Week 1 and move on. Good Luck !

  • Well done you've proved that you can build from 10 seconds to 60, and those 60 seconds can increase to whatever you choose to do further down the line. The programme works, stick with it, repeat days or weeks if you need to and just take it steady. Good for you for taking that first step, that's the hardest bit x :-)

  • Well done Vicxyz! that has taken some real commitment and effort. Keep on running! :-)

  • yay! Hope you're deservedly pleased with and proud of yourself, Vicxzy? That takes a lot of grit and determination. Look forward to your next pòst :-)

  • Well done Vicky. You have shown that you have the mental strength and attitude to complete the programme. Yeah, it may take longer than 9 weeks but you will get there.

    Keep us updated on your progress please.

    Good luck

  • oh bless you and well done for your perseverance you wont know yourself when you have completed the course as running changes you totally as a person, confidence, fitness, and determination to succeed. Good luck and keep up the good work!!!!!

  • That is so motivations to hear! thank you!

    I'm able to run for 60 seconds at the moment but genuinely thought at some point in this training (I decided week 2) that I would have to stop, lose some more weight, then try again. This has made me realise that I can do it, of course I can!!!

  • Well done! That's brilliant - you really have shown determination. Be proud, that will see you through to completing the program. After my first run, I had to lie down for 30 mins to recover, it was so hard! You will see such a difference in yourself as you go through the program - enjoy the ride!!

  • you have achieved the equivalent of a marathon already - phenomenal. keep going & keep posting (wonder how many folks are feeling inspired by your achievements already .. my guess is a GAZILLION!)

    PS - I'm hefty, just off the fags after 37 yrs, have knackered knees & I've been a lazy sod forever. Via C25k (even tho I'm stuck at Week 7 - been here for weeks!) Im a bit leaner, a lot stronger and have immeasurable improvements in mental health (the anxiety is a sliver of what it was, way more manageable!). I don't like running but jeez what a fab health tonic it is. Good luck Vicxyz! x

  • Well done. Starting is the hardest part!

  • Well done! Stick with it, this programme is amazing, and the rewards many. Don't worry about leaving an extra day to recover between sessions if you need to. Keep your running slow and steady, and that 60 second run will turn into 90 seconds before you know it, I promise you. I'm just starting week 9 - it's taken me 14 weeks to get this far, but I am SO glad I stuck with it.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Fab... If this is how you feel after W1R1 (done properly) imagine how you will feel on graduating... :)) X happy running

  • Thank you everybody you all all very inspirational :)

  • That's fantastic. You're hooked already. Keep posting - this forum keeps us all going - we want to hear the good and the bad. Good luck. I found the first run of week one the hardest - they were all easy after that! - only joking - its tough, but worth it - and so are you. So many inspirational people on here who have achieved so much.

  • Day 2 wk 1 done properly! 😁😁😁

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