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Week 3 done going onto week 4 worried

week three done but aim getting slower and slower it's not because aim tired it's my right ankle it feels like I have ripped it

when I have fininsh I have a warm shower then ice then the next day it's ok but when I run again it's starts off is it the way I run or do anybody else have the same problem aim not willing to give up

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Its worth having it checked out just to make sure you have not damaged it. Your doing so well week 3 was my killer!! failed twice.


Well done on finishing w3 and never a bad idea to get something checked out by your gp Are your trainers ok, I've read other posts where people have had this or that pain and they've got new trainers which has helped. Just a thought, feel free to ignore.

As for w4 please don't worry, you'll be fine. I know I felt the same when I'd finished w3 but it turned out ok.

Hope the ankle feels better soon and good luck for future runs.


Thanks for your coments I could not walk this morning when to the hospital the doctor was a runner and he said I had torn my ankle tendons because of the shape of my foot he said he thought I was a high or mid arch but go to a biomechanical foot specialist and get some insoles but I had to rest my ankle for a week so I went to the shop bought the insoles the price was not as bad as I thought been wearing them around the house and it's not hurting as much when my ankle is better I think I will give it a go


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