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Week 4, Run 3, Done! :)


Phew, done it!

It's very odd as I spend my time jogging thinking 'I can't wait for it to be over' and then literally as soon as I've finished I'm yearning to do it all again!

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It's not just me then...! Do you also spend your non-running days (and most of your running ones too) yearning to go for a good run - then as soon as it's time to get ready realise that you really don't want to do this? No? Just me then...! ;)

Well done on finishing week 4 - you're doing well, just keep going...

FifitrixiebellGraduate in reply to RainbowC

I always get nervous before a run. One nice days I think 'ooo would be lovely to be out there running'. Then I wake up feeling nervous about my run and still finding it a struggle to do the 30 mins. I wonder how long it will take before it gets easier and I enjoy it.

RainbowCGraduate in reply to Fifitrixiebell

That's it - the nervousness! No matter how much I tell myself it doesn't matter, any run is better than no run, just go and do it, slow and steady - all that kind of thing - I still get nervous because what if I can't do it today! I really should know better by now...!

SuperMouseGraduate in reply to Fifitrixiebell

Yes, me too even though I've only just done week 4 I always wonder if I can do it today or will I have to stop! :O

Hi good to hear I’m not on my own then😉 I graduated a few weeks ago and 30 mins is still a challenge and I can’t say I’m really enjoying it! I hope I get to the stage that I get a buzz from it and get addicted, like I hear from many other runners. Still persevering g though and stated bridge to 10 k although I can’t keep up with the schedule which is running for 50 mins in 6 weeks. It’s tough!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to 6636Rach

Relax then.. and pull back... take it steady and slow... :)

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Fifitrixiebell

I put my stuff out the night before and still, even now get the flutter in the tummy, Christmas feeling... I look forward to each run with real excitement... think anticipation not apprehension... know you are going to do it... slow and steady :)

SuperMouseGraduate in reply to RainbowC

Ha ha yes, Rainbow C that is exactly what happens! I even day dream about jogging (or in my case 'shuffling) :O

TailChaserGraduate in reply to RainbowC

Definitely not just you!!! 🤣


Ha ha...sounds very familiar!! Maybe not every time...but some...the first 10/15 mins are hardest but then, when I’ve been running 20 mins or so, I feel I could just carry on!! Keep going...you’re doing fab

SuperMouseGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Thanks. I will look forward to the moment I will feel like I can 'just carry on' then! Fingers crossed! :)

RainbowCGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Yes, I love that 'I could just carry on' feeling - for the few moments it lasts! ;) :D

All that sounds very familiar. I think the first few weeks post grad are particularly hard because all we’ve done for weeks is keep improving, and then we’ve got to tell our bodies and mi da that it’s fine to stand still (if you’ll pardon the pun)


Hold that feeling and very well done:) Keep it slow and slow:)

The hate/love thing is very weird. Like most folk I get antsy if I can’t go out for a run but without exception the first Toxic 10s are always when I hate it the most, then the oxygen returns and I wonder why I was having a tippy tantrum... :)

good luck and happy running for W5

SuperMouseGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thank you! :)

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