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Can't run at the moment

So fed up with my ailing body at the moment. Running has made me feel so good these past couple of months then I get a flare up of ulcerative colitis and it all comes to a standstill. This can last for days or weeks so could be back to square one (week 1) at this rate. Latest flare up been since last Wednesday. Off to Paris on Monday on honeymoon so hope it settles by then, did plan on taking running stuff with me......

Apologies for moaning, just was so pleased with my running achievements am now really disappointed that this has happened as not had flare up since January.

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Hmm, off on Honeymoon. Bit of a clue there. High stress? I tried to have the most laid back unstructured wedding in the western world but ...

You either have just had a wedding with all that emotion or you are trying to get everything finished / packed before you go! I don't have any experience of ulcerative colitis but stress seems to make everything worse.

I read an article in Women's Running that said that it takes one month plus before significant loss of running fitness - and even then it doesn't happen overnight - so relax on that front.

I would wander round Paris (at a brisk walk if you must!) and relax. I really hope that you both have a wonderful time.


Thanks RhonaL

Got married on Saturday in Calgary beach on the isle of Mull which was lovely and as we are "old" tried to have it as laid back as possible but yes there has been significant stressful moments over the last month which has likely contributed to this flare up. Doc wants me on steroids but so far I am refusing as the side effects are horrendous apparently so my plan is to relax and not stress about not running. The walking I will do in Paris will keep my fitness up hopefully.

Thanks again



Congratulations on your marriage!

My brother has ulcerative colitis and it's a very painful awful condition. When he has a flare up he follows a special diet, white bread, no vegetables, beige food essentially and it eases it. There are more details on the Colitis website. You are in very good company, a lot of athletes suffer with it.

Hope you feel better soon, enjoy your honeymoon!


Many congratulations on your recent marriage. Mull must have been lovely too. You just relax and enjoy your honeymoon, running can be resumed once you are home and feeling better. Take care and enjoy.

I think you are the first to get married, is your hubby a runner too? :)


Thanks Liz. Hope you are feeling better too. I did manage a wee 15 minutes tonight but it nearly killed me! Hubby started the programme a week after me but work has been crazy so he's not had time or inclination to continue so think he plans to start again after Paris.

Mull was fantastic and the weather was superb!


Thanks for the kind words Gridlet. Believe it or not chocolate works for me in that it's all I fancy and it doesn't upset my tummy!


Congratulations and warm wishes for a happy healthy future together. Don't fret, you will get over this (as you have before) and your legs WILL remember your previous runs and all will be well x


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