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Another 28 mins under the belt :-D

Well wk r2 done and felt much better than r1 did. Prob had something to do with the cool breeze and rain. It just felt gorgeous. Well happy with my progress with the goal of 30 mins not to far in the distance. Will see how r3 goes on wednesday.

I still can't believe I can actually do this. What a truly fantastic program to follow. I've been telling everyone I know to give it a go :-)!!!

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Well done Jimbob, keep it up!


Well done Jimbob. :) Cooler weather and a little rain can be quite pleasant to run in. c25k is certainly an amazing program and I think it would be great if more people could reap the benefits. It's hard to believe you can go from struggling through 60 seconds to running for 28 minutes, isn't it? :D


Well done JB - look how far you've come, isn't this programme amazing!!! :)


Awesome :)


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