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W4R1: This 49 year old couch tator did it!!!!!!

I am in awe of this program! I went from not running through all of my W1R1 sessions of 60 seconds to running 2-3 minute sessions and 2-5 minute sessions! UNBELIEVABLE! I'm pretty sure a snail, 2 slugs and a turtle passed me though! I am trying to be mindful on my running days to watch how much I eat, keeping meals fairly light since i run at night and also upping my water intake. I'm finding each week challenges me but I am also getting through it better and recovering faster. You guys are awesome with all the support!

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Keep going Gdean, all self proclaimed and reformed couch 'tators inspire me since I'm one myself.


Well done!!!


LOL. I'm a tortoise too but we will get there in the end.

I too can't quite believe that I can now manage to jog for FIVE minutes.

Good luck for future runs.

I've just finished w4 r3 so i've got scarey w5 now. Help!


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