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I finished :-) didn't make 5k yet though


I never thought I'd actually type the words I finished.... :-) I can't believe it

And it wasn't the easiest of runs I encountered an unexpected sharp steep hill which left me so winded it was a struggle to keep going on but I have done it

I managed 3.55 I was aiming for 4 (I think maybe the hill stopped me from getting it)

My plans for post C25k I'm going to keep running 3 times a week , and I'm working towards 5k in 30 minutes and I will achieve it.

It's incredible because I simply can't fathom that I can run for 30 minutes but fitness wise I still have a long way to go and I'm not going to stop now

Thankyou for all the support it's meant the world

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Fsntastic news and a hearty congratulations to you.

Keep setting targets and enjoy your new found fitness.

PS. Mind and get your shiney badge :D


Congratulations and well done on such a fantastic achievement. I know what you mean about feeling so amazed about what you are able to do.....brilliant, good luck for your next goal and don't forget to apply for your graduatation badge.


Congratulations, and well done for nailing that hill. They really do nobble your pace, and take a while to recover from when you have topped it out.

Now you can run for fun, enjoy :-)


Hurray! It's amazing isn't it when you realise how far you've come.

Well done!☺☺☺


Well done! You must be feeling great. This is my last week ahead now. Isn't it funny how you say fitness wise you have a long way to go, but yet think how far you have come. Have a great day.


Yeehah and zippy di doo da! Well done and many congratulations on Graduating. Great feeling isn't it. You can hang on to that feeling because your running adventure starts here



Congratulations! Not many of us do achieve the 5k by the time we graduate - gives us something to work towards - mind you, still can't do it in 30 minutes!

Now the real running adventures begin - enjoy!


Congratulations, well done. It is amazing how this program works, isn't it? Enjoy your post-grad running :)


Excellent news and many congratulations in completing your c25k. A massive well done :)


Congratulations! Just think how far you have come :)

Happy running!


I know exactly what you mean I ran 4.2 today in 36 mins so still not hitting 5 k . I have to make my route longer. Well done :)


Well done! I think you have the right attitude. I completed week 9 a few weeks back and I'm just keeping repeating week 9, and I'm gradually finding it easier and at the same time going further. Don't worry about the distance, it will come, it's the routine and 30 minutes running that's important! Well done again, you should feel very proud. :)

KhillaryGraduate in reply to NickTuson

I went out today and only managed 15 minutes because the weather was atrocious and I just could handle it so I vowed to do 15 and then return home, slightly disappointed but better than nothing I guess

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