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What is going wrong? How do you motivate yourself?

I've just come back from my third, far from successful run. I'm just not feeling the love anymore. This was week 9 run 1, (I did 5 runs in week 8 as I wasn't happy with how I was doing) so I really should be giddy with excitement about my impending graduation, but it's just not happening. I managed 28 minutes of running (although it took me 33 in total as had to have a five minute break due to stitch, which I've never had before!), and only did 2.6 miles (I can generally do 3 and a bit! I don't include the warm up and wind down). If I'm honest, I hated every minute of it! It was cold, raining and so, so windy that I felt like I was going backwards in parts! Even when the wind was trying to give me a helping hand I seemed to struggle as it was throwing me off my stride. Why am I no longer enjoying this? I used to love the sense of achievement it gave me... Sorry for the whine.

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Well firstly well done you for getting out in this lousy weather ! Who the hell would enjoy it in this lot & suffering stitch ! You have got the motivation else you wouldn't have gone out there. Stop being hard on yourself your doing great , you will be there soon , 3 more runs . Well done


Sorry 2 more runs !


Do the warm ups and cool downs, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. This weather is anything but inspirational but it won't be like this for long. We'll all feel better when the better weather arrives. Have a rest day between runs too as you can do too much you know


I think he (she?, sorry) means they don't include the warmup/down in the distance calculation rather than not do them.

Re motivation, yep nasty weather will do that until you decide you like puddle splashing and bringing out your inner toddler running through them. It's not so much the rain but the driving wind. It'll ease and get better. In the meantime vary your route to find shelter where you can. Learn the nicer routes and splish a bit.


sorry I wasn't clear in my first post, but yes, Beads is right. I do do the warm up and wind down (well, not always a FULL wind down if I'm being truthful!), but what I meant was about calculating the distance I RUN, rather than the full distance I cover. I'm also religious about taking my rest days, my shins grumble terribly in any case (part of the problem this morning I think!), so I generally average only 2 runs a week, sometimes 3. Thanks for you're encouraging words. I quite like the rain, but think the wind was the killer the last few runs....


Ps. I'm a 'she'!!!!!!!!


Hmmm, I'm thinking 3 runs still Rockette... Not sure 28 minutes with a five minute break really cuts it for the first run of week 9! As my name suggests, I'm bloody minded (some would say stubborn!), and I so want to do this. Think my mind set for the last couple of runs hasn't helped. I need to give myself a good talking too! Thank you, (as always!) for your support. X


I say well done for getting out in this awful weather.

I didn't! I peeped behind the curtains and just sighed....It just wasn't going to happen for me today.

Running isn't easy, you have got to Week 9, run 1 what an accomplishment! Well done you.

Tomorrow is another day. I hope you feel better after having a days rest and maybe less self analysis of how bad you feel.

You are almost at the finish line. Just visualise crossing the red tape and punching your hands in the air.

You did it! You can and you will.

Today is a little setback, we all have them.

Motivation and mental strength is key with this program.

When I run, I talk to myself and I say Viktor, you can do it. I don't care who is looking at me in their cars or the comments pedestrians make.

Some days I hate it, but I like the results. I like the fact I am getting fitter, in the open air and healthier.

People my age don't look as good as me.

Stay strong we are rooting for you.



Viktor, you are lovely, thank you. I have unrelentingly high standards, which means that I am often hard on myself! It's so helpful to have people on here to keep you grounded and to remind you how far you have travelled. Thank you. Ps the weather looks better for tomorrow ...will you be out there again? Will be thinking of you x


Well done! No way I'm going out in the dark, wet, windy, cold pavements tonight. There will be good runs and bad runs. Also may I point out that having done 5 runs the week before, you may have over done it a little and your mind and body might be feeling it. Another also, if you say you did '5 runs in week 8' because you weren't happy with how you were doing, it sounds like you maybe tend to put a bit of pressure on yourself to do well. This by no means a bad thing but could mean you're more likely to place too much emphasis on a 'bad' run.

You seem to be doing great to me!


It's just I've had a few bad runs on the bounce, kt12345. I've also misled you, I didn't do 5 runs in one weeks (that would've killed me!), rather I did 5 runs using the week 8 podcast, over the course of about a fortnight I think, before I felt I should move on. I am tough on myself...a general life trait I'm afraid, and you're right, it's not always helpful. I need to work on my mindset between now and my next run at the weekend I think!!! Thank you for your support. X


Breaks are important. If you want to exercise on your rest days, do other exercises such as swimming or cycling or weights.

Also, check your hydration - I find that central heating on makes me dry and that reduces my ability running


No running on my rest days, I promise. I'm averaging between 2 / 3 runs a week, as my dodgy shins are giving me trouble!!! Good idea re hydration, last nights alcohol intake probably didn't help on that score! Might explain the stitch... I'll post again (with hopefully a more cheery disposition!) after my weekend run. how are you getting on anyway? X


Well done, you ran in this terrible weather. I have to admit that since graduating 3 months ago, I still have not set out on a run in anything but light drizzle. While doing C25k I ran every other day and needed the discipline, but let's face it, this should be fun, or you are not going to maintain the habit. I rearrange my runs if the weather is foul and still manage at least two runs every week and three in most. The BBC online weather forecast is remarkably accurate, (when low pressure is dominating) for a day ahead for your own locality. It means you can swap your times to the other end of the day if it is going to be inclement. If you can keep your focus, you will find a weight off your shoulders (and legs) when you graduate and I hope you can rediscover the joy of running.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Cheers IannodaTruffle! There was precious little smiling going on this morning, but then there wasn't a lot of running either to be fair! lol! You're right of course, I was bloody foolish to try and run in this weather (the rain was horizontal at times!)...note to self; check the forecast before I get changed, or at least look out the window! I am not invincible...yet...


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