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W1R3 - Hard work

From the third 1 minute run session my shins were in pain, dull aching pain. I persevered but then just as I was about to go into run 6 my phone reset the session to the start. I found a timer app on the phone and quickly set up a 90 second and 1 minute timer to finish the final three runs.

I'm guessing (and hoping) that it's just sheer muscle fatigue with this session being the last one of the week and that with a two day rest week 2 will start well. I'm going to dig our my old ipod and see if that is any more reliable at playing Laura from start to finish. Unless of course anyone else uses an Android based phone and has found a music playing app that allows you to lock the screen ? (I've tried ES media player, Streaming media player and VLC).

See you Monday and have a great weekend.

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Keep positive Chewy. I have W1R3 tomorrow and looking forward to it. I did R1 without the podcast and just based on the plan write up trying to time myself on my mobile. Big mistake - it was sooo fiddly and boring. If you can find a way to get your old ipod to work, I'd go with that. The whole thing seemed so much easier and so much quicker with Laura there to guide me through. Hope your shins feel better soon :)


Thanks Fraz, I've dug out my old ipod and put on the programme, I can lock the ipod so I shouldn't be troubled by the resets again. Being so far through when it reset it was impossible to find the place again which is why I went for the timers but I agree with you, they really aren't the same without Laura's encouragement.


It gets easier, you will surprise yourself just how much you have improved after a few weeks. If you completed the week, you are ready for the next one.


Thanks Gazter, I do appreciate the encouragement.


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