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Week 4 run 1

I don't think I can do it! I really dont. I've even finished c25k before but this time around I'm SO unfit. I really struggled with all the 3 minute runs last week and i just don't think I can do it. I'm in my running clothes, downin lots of water in preparation and I've told everyone in the house that I'm going to go in a few minutes. I have never put my running stuff on only to take it off without going for a run and I'm not going to start now. I suppose the only way I'll find out if I can do it is to try...

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Banish those negatives and I bet you do do it! Good luck ;)


You really can do it. I was massively unfit when I started the programme. I found running for 20 secs really hard work. And every week was a real challenge, especially in the early days.

I can't say it gets easier in every sense of the word, but the rewards are greater each week. If you are finding it a struggle, try to slow down a little. Pace the runs. If you're running outside, try to find a flatter route, or a route where you're running uphill at the start of the run, and downhill or flats towards the end. Either way, build into it. It is worth doing.

I found getting over the 3min - 5 min 'hump' the biggest challenge. It is in the mind though. Go out in a positive mood, and give yourself little goals within the running time. If you're running in a park, try running from bench to bench, or to the next corner. If you're doing it on the street, focus on the lampposts. It does work.

:) just stay positive. You can do it!


Thank you for the encouragement! I did it and it was almost easy! Isn't that strange that I struggled with the 3 minute runs but my 5 min ones were almost like 2nd nature. I think the key is to get into your stride. I seriously am about as positive as Eeyore so I've found c25k as challenging mentally and it is physically. Best of luck with your exercise endeavours!


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