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Totally lost it today

Just lately I've been trying to increase my distance so this last week I've been doing around 7ks every other day. I've also taken to running off road, on footpaths and in woodland. My pace has been quickening, which I've realised but can't make myself run any slower, it's quite slow anyway! (about 7 mins / km).

Because I'm speeding up, I find that I keep having to take walking breaks, I've told myself it's because I'm on trails and they are harder to run than roads.

Today I thought I'd let myself off, and just run 5k on the roads.

I had to walk for AGES! I got really annoyed with myself I feel like I'm going backwards after graduating!

I know you have bad runs once in a while but this one took the biscuit, especially when the gorgeous looking perfectly preened blond ran past in her full make up and not a bead of sweat showing, with a rather pitying smile, TWICE!

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Uhoh! A fully made up 'runner' Bit of an oxymoron methinks! Must have been galling for you though! Hey - you were out there and running! That's worth a cheer! I have never tried running on hard surfaces. I have about 300 metres on tarmac but the rest is all on tracks and fields. I always think tarmac would be harder (it is if you fall!) than compacted mud. I love my run which is along the side of a field beside a river.

Hope you enjoy your next run more - and don't come across the sweet lady again!


Just think how clogged up her pores will be after a run, stupid woman ;) We all have off days and not such good runs, don't be so hard on yourself, your doing well and mixing up your surfaces is good for your running technique, tracks for me are always harder and slower too but much nicer. Always remember that even seasoned athletes have bad days but they come back even stronger the next time. So positive pants on for your next run and put this one down to experience, its not all a bed of roses but it wouldn't be a challenge if it was now would it!?! :)


Thanks both, I'll definitely get my positive pants on next time!


Maybe you've just done too much too soon? Going from 5-7 is a big jump and doing that off road is even harder- cut yourself some slack maybe do 7 every other time.

I've had to give myself a talking to this week as I was pushing myself too hard and feeling frustrated - I had to remind myself that it's meant to be fun and 10 weeks ago I wasn't running anywhere!


Youre quite right I forget just how far I've come. Thanks for reminding me.


well at least you are out there and challenging yourself, know how you feel though it is awful when fully made up perfect runners pass you without breaking a sweat, but then they are not pushing themselves and we most definitely are and I would most definitely rather be me:-)


Oh yes I push it! Thanks for the pep talk!


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