Couch to 5K

Here we go!

Finally got round to starting C25K after downloading the podcasts too many months ago. The first run was great, went so much better than I expected. I'm not sure how brisk my walk was in-between though, find it really difficult to judge how fast I should be going!

Looking forward to getting really stuck in, have wanted to start running for a long time and hoping I'll stay motivated enough to be at 5K in 9 weeks, as impossible as it seems right now :P

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The walk should be fast enough to be just short of breaking into a trot so the run is just a bit faster than that. The walk is not so much rest, more part of the training to build stamina. Short, fast steps are better than strides. Don't make the run a sprint and, as the weeks go by and the runs get longer, be prepared to slow down to complete the time. Happy running :)


Well done. I found in wk1 that the music was really good to keep time with while walking. Maybe mine was not brisk enough but I got there so I am happy.


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