Feeling a bit glum

I did the stepping stones again today but I really can't get the beat. It seems stupidly slow to me. Is it because, being a very slow jogger, I am doing short but fast steps? The 150 and 155 bpm that Laura wants me to do are really hard. I feel like I'm trying to run in s-l-o-w-m-o-t-i-o-n and actually get on better with the faster beat at the end of the run. I was so confused by all this today I had to keep stopping and walking and ended up with no rhythm at all.

I realise I need to lengthen my stride but I have a sneaking suspicion that the podcasts are designed for those with loong legs who can already almost do 5k in the 30 minutes.

Oh dear that was a bit of a negative rant wasn't it? On a more positive note, I intend to keep trying these sessions and hopefully master them one day and I am actually enjoying the exercise and enjoying having more energy generally.


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I dunno - I don't have long legs, my fastest ever 5k was 48 minutes, usually nearer an hour but Stepping Stones works for me. I am outside and not on roads, maybe that makes a difference? I'd suggest just keep on running regardless if you feel you've lost the beat.


You must be going about the same speed as me. I have not done 5k yet but judging on how far I go in 30 minutes I reckon it would take me about 50 minutes to do.

I do my running outside - maybe I just have to persevere. :)


Two steps to 1 beat


I find the 150 bpm is just a little faster than my walking speed so that's a slow jog for me but once the beats increase I have to take shorter, faster steps to keep up so that's how I'm doing it. I haven't yet reached the end of the podcasts though, because it's too fast for me to keep it up for the last 5 minutes. Something for me to work on :) I'm also using the c25k podcasts again and I'm running at my usual speed for the walking bits and speeding up for the running bits. I'm hoping the combination of both podcasts will get me further faster. :)


i couldnt get on with stepping stone - but i will give it another go. i found speed better - i liked the fact you do 5 min at a 'slower' speed and then 60 sec alternate with higher speed, reminded me of the early days with couch to 5 k


Same sentiments for me too.

I too have difficulty in finding the beat in Stepping Stone, the music is too thin and wittery

The other two 5+ podcasts are much better. Even when I have the beat I seem unable to keep with it and end up naturally running faster and so am just ignoring it.


If Stepping Stones doesn't work for you why not try something different? I didn't enjoy this podcast much either and the music certainly doesn't help. I loved the speed podcast but it's a bit short for me but certainly more uplifting. I have therefore took advice from others on here and returned to week 1-jogging on the walking parts and running on the jogging parts. This was more of a challenge! I have also put together a playlist of some of my favourite tunes to run to. Keep going as you will find something that works for you :)


I did Stepping Stones last night and didn't really like it. I have a much faster cadence than that and found it too slow (I'm much happier at 170-180 pattering along!) and when I slowed to the two steps to 150bpm I felt like I was lumbering at 25mph in 5th gear if you see what I mean. I loathed the music, and kept thinking how much I enjoyed my playlist and how the time flew by like that. I've been enjoying working on a fast cadence with a download from an Ironman barefoot running coach, Helen Hall, and it's made me run faster. Going to try Speed as more people seem to like it. One thing I really did like were Laura's reminders on technique, really helpful.


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