How sad am I (o;

I got up early this morning to do run 3 of week 6. Had to wait a while before i set off because it was still dark and there are no lights in the park where i run in a morning but i couldn't wait to get out there. So off i went as soon as i could see the footpath in front of me to run for 25 minutes non stop and i enjoyed it !!! I bounced back through the door to my extremely drowsy and still half asleep other half grinning like a cheshire cat. I couldn't help it, i'd read the blogs saying Laura says your officially a runner at the end of week 6 so i knew it was comming but it still felt brilliant!!! Me....a runner......surely not???

A few weeks ago i struggled with 60 seconds, was sure i was going to end up giving up and the thought of 20 minutes made me feel ill. Now here i am 25 minutes done and feeling like i could have carried on. I can't wait to get back out again and start week 7 and looking forward to graduating!!!

Thankyou so much to everyone here for giving me the inspiration to come this far! You're all amazing!


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14 Replies

  • Good morning, runner! And now you are the inspiration for others like me who are only on week 3!

  • (o: thankyou, i can't say as i've ever been called that before, great to hear that i can maybe help though. if i can do it anyone can !

  • And me on week 1!! Brilliant stuff, well done :)

  • Thankyou (o: believe me the hardest part is getting started and you've done that already ! just take it at your own pace, listen to Laura and you'll be graduating in no time

  • Well done runner, it's great to hear that, like me, you were daunted by 20 minutes and again like me, 60 seconds is hard work. It's really encouraging hearing that other people have been where I am and succeeded.

  • Thankyou (o: I didn't believe it at the time but the 20 minutes thing is more a mental battle. If you follow the program and take it steady you'll be ready it's just convincing yourself that you can do it.

  • Congratulations!

    I think I missed her saying that at the end of week 6 (I'm in week 7 now). Was it at the end of the podcast? I generally switch off the music for the 5 min cooldown walk.

  • Thankyou (o: yep it's toward the end of the podcast so if you switched off for the cool down you would have missed it

  • Thank you for this you are an inspiration as I often think when I am coming to the end of the few seconds I will never be able to do any more. Well done!!!!

  • Thankyou :o) It's not that long ago I was sat looking through the blogs on here searching for something to make me believe I could last more than a minute. I remember willing Laura to talk to me and tell me that was it I could slow down to a walk. This morning I was suprised when she'd said I'd already done 12 & 1/2 minutes and amazed when she said I'd managed the 25 !!!

    You can do this, just keep to you own pace and before you know it the minitues will be flying by!

  • Well done, isn't it just the best feeling???

  • Wot they said ^^^. Reading posts like yours makes me realise that it is possible. Just finished week 3 and although each week has been fine, I find it hard to believe that I will be able to breathe through 25 minutes of running. My legs don't get tired, but I really pant. Although, I've noticed that I keep going regardless. And I think what Laura says is true - that it's important to keep going. Cos then you realise that you can do it!

  • Woo hoo! Well done you. I did my W6R3 today too and felt similarly smiley at the end!

    Keep it up.

  • Yay! Well done! I felt really similar after Laura says that thing about being a runner. It felt amazing. I can't believe I've done it either. Keep going everyone!

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