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W7R2 and some

so i went out this morning to complete run 2. i had raised the bar after running for 30 minutes on R1 but i figured i was able to do it so if nothing else it will build stamina.I managed to do 30 minutes again today but it was at a slow pace. I think what i will do is continue with the programme and see how i go on. I am thinking about my firsf formal run too. I am tempted to register for the great north run in manchester.It is next May and it is 10k but it will give me something to work for. I will mull it over for a few more weeks

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Wow, 30 mins in week 7 is good going. I still thought I might collapse at any point!! (And sometime still do hahaha)

Good idea to have a future goal to keep you motivated too.

Best of luck for the rest of the programme :)


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