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Back in the game - plus mini cheerleaders

After a knackering Week 6 Run 1, I had an enforced week off as my husband was away for a full week on a course (and I have 2 little ones). Felt wierd not getting out after sticking to the programme for the previous 5 weeks.

So, this evening was 'getting back out there'. Silly, but I had to really psyche myself up for it.

Felt very stiff legged for the first few minutes and was trying to 'tune out' and resist the rising panic. An unlikely distraction arrived in a young (6?) girl, no shoes on, all on her own on the swings, running over and asking if she could run with me. To be honest, I just wanted to say no - buzz off! But I didn't as she just looked desperate for someone to play with. So she ran with me - only disappearing to go and get her shoes when her feet were cold, and coming back with a ridiculous pair of thong sandals....and her older brother! Who was also bored and out unattended, and wanted to join in. So I did the rest of the run with various 'hangers on', asking millions of questions and telling me stuff! Was quite distracting in a charming/annoying way! Was happy to give up my solitude for one run...but also quietly hoping that this won't become a regular occurrence.

More excitingly, a dear old friend from school is also doing C25K and we have agreed to aim for a Park Run together in late September. Eek!

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This is such a great blog! It is so difficult to 'get away' and the 'asking millions of questions' is so true!

And now you have an 'old friend' running too!

This is becoming quite a social gathering :)


Ha! I laughed at this. I think I too would have felt like telling the youngster to buzz off, but would have agreed they could run with me if I was running round a park.


This is brilliant! I have avoided other people as much as possible for most of my running "career" until 3 weeks ago when I joined a friendly group that meets on a Monday eve near where I live to do speed drills (yeah right!). Tonight one of the blokes brought his 6 and 8 year old daughters, they decided to join our "slowcoaches" group and showed us up a treat but they were really entertaining!


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