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Getting back into the running after a break?

I completed the C25K program about 6 weeks ago and have since done a couple of park runs successfully. I have been on holiday for two weeks and obviously didn't run then (I'm not THAT dedicated!) and have struggled to run for more than 15 minutes straight since being back. So, it's true, you lose fitness a lot more quickly than you gain it. What to do now?

Any recommendations as to how I get back into my running stride? Do I start the program again?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Maybe start the programme again but from about week three or four? Find whichever level you are comfortable with and start from there - won't hurt your confidence to go out on a couple of runs that you find a bit easy!


I've just started again after a break of over a month and completing my first 5k! I started with week5R2 - 2* 8 minute runs was just about right for me so I'm going to repeat that one & then carry on repeating the program. As you've done several 5k runs I think you'll build your stamina up very quickly so maybe try W5R2 to get your confidence up and then try a longer run and take it from there. Good luck.


Thanks for your advice ladies!

I went out this morning and did wk 5 r1. It was just about right I think.

Can't believe how easy you forget the difficulty of running 5 mins straight when you haven't done it for a while!

I celebrated afterwards with half a pack of Jaffa cakes (ooopps!)


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