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To graduate or not to graduate, that is the question?

W9R2 was a bit of a flop. I ran it while away and it's the first time I've run a) with someone else, b) in the pouring rain and c) in Cornwall. "I know a pretty flat route" he says. Well, the hill up to the 2.5k turn around point was about 4:1 for the last 100 metres and then I realised that we had been pretty much running down a slow decent before that. My body gave out at the 20 minute mark when we hit another hill of a similar grade. Turns out the rest of the route was a zigzag of hills ending with a 75 metre final climb. Not that supprised I had to cut it short. Did walk the rest of that route (then walked round the Eden Project for a couple of hours ;)

W9R3 was a triumph though. Did it at 8pm (and not long been back off ot) which is the latest I've started. Began with some knee pain but pushed through that and it went away. Had an encounter at the 20 minute mark with something a dog left behind, but sh*t happens. Got to 30 mins and realised I was 200 metres short on distance, so knocked them off to be sure. Then decided I felt great and popped on another 1/2k for good measure. 35 mins and 5.5k run :D

Not sure if I actually graduate because of the W9R2 fiasco. If not, here's to Tuesday :D

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Sounds like graduation to me. Go get you badge. :)


I think considering you ran for 35 minutes tonight that you should graduate as you can clearly run for the 30 minutes. It's a done deal! Happy running!


Congrats! Way to push it!


Good on you, that W9R2 sounded like such hard work. Hope you've got your graduation badge!


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