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Done week 2 but legs felt like lead

hi all

Done week 2 but legs felt like lead throughout it would get easier not harder don't know how I will cope with week 3 but I will give it ago tomorrow I still can not see me running for 30 mins but there is one thing I know for sure is that I will give it my best shout and if I fail at one week then I keeping doing it until I do it let's hope I get there

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I thought I would reply to ur blog, I am not at all sporty, I have fibromyalgia (fibrous muscles and tendens - stiff and sore alot of the time) anyway I felt exactly the same as you, legs like lead etc, I thought also no chance can I do the whole prog, I struggled to even do the first week, you will get good runs and bad ones but I want you to know you can do it and you will, I am on week 9 2nd run and am now jogging 30 mins non stop, now still struggle but I do it. You must be positive and you will get results.


Just make haste slowly and you'll be fine. I did week 2 in four goes but found week 3 easier. Pace yourself and run slowly, and like you say, if one run doesn't 'work' then you just try again till you can do it! I've got W4 starting tomorrow and that's what I'm going to do too.

All the best!


I've just finished week 2 and my calf muscles get so tired, even 30 secs into each run (they rove during the walking bits). I REALLY hope this stops soon. :(


Hi aim glad that aim not the only one with this problem thanks for your coments I will keep doing it


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