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A good run and a bad run!

I tried the stamina c25k+ run a few days ago, it was a nightmare, I didnt even go too fast. By about twenty five minutes I couldnt run any further...

On the up side I did another speed c25k+ run, I managed to do every fast speed interval at 11kph :) I did find i dropped my rest runs to 8kph though. I am going to concentrate my next speed run on upping that 8kph to 9kph.

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I know what you mean about stamina! Tbh I know I'm not ready to go the full 35min at that pace so I've taken a different approach. On Friday, I decided to do the first 20min of it, which i managed (yay) covering 3.23K. I was really pleased with this and I now intend to keep adding 5min each week until I can run at that pace for the whole 35min. If I can do it, I should achieve a 30min 5K which would be awesome! I think we need to get creative with the new podcasts if we need to and just do what we can of them and build it up. I like your idea of increasing speed on the one with intervals x.


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