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New PB at Parkrun and amazing turnout

The combination of decent weather, the Join-in weekend billing and the Edinburgh Festival meant we had 379 runners this morning at Cramond. A lot of first timers and some club names from a bit further afield than usual.

Decided to try listening to Laura and chose the Stepping stone podcast which I had done before. I'm still not sure I'm getting this 1234 to the beat. My natural inclination if I want to speed up is to lengthen my stride but the only way I can match the rhythm is to go for shorter strides. Gave up thinking too hard about it and decided that perhaps my body would naturally pick up the beat. Went through the usual mental self motivation at around 3k to convince myself I can do this and don't need to walk. Felt I was slowing down rather than getting faster but managed to cross the finish before the end of the 30minutes on the podcast so reckoned I'd done OK.

Just checked the results and have a new PB of 28.41 having come 269th!

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Wow that is wonderful, wasnt able to parkrun today ("champagne" birthday breakfast with a group of friends) but that is amazing time!


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