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WK4 R2, easier but a few lessons learnt

2nd run today of Wk4 and it was much easier than R1, however wearing a ordinary cotton t -shirt was way too hot , as it so humid right now. I definitely notice the difference when I don't wear my 'clima cool' tops (I think they're called). Would have been a nightmare if I'd run for 30 minutes! Did read somewhere once dress as though it's 5 degrees warmer when you run... Well main thing is I survived and feel grrrreeatt! Most importantly I have nursed my calves like a newborn and they are almost 100% :) Decided it was def the ortho insoles that messed up my calves. I'm sure of this because I graduated in Feb then as soon as I got the insoles it all went wrong. Anyway here's to my 2nd graduation, happy days ;)

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