How will I keep this up when the nights draw in???

I started C25k in May so have only been running in nicer weather (well nice ish!) but have certainly had the benefit of light mornings and evenings... I'm thinking ahead to how I will keep going through the autumn/winter and just wondered how more experienced runners handle this... I tend to run ealy or late so will be really limited when the nights draw in and won't get as much opportunity! I'm desperate to keep it up though given how hard I've worked to get this far!

I've also been debating joining the gym (council run so not too expensive) for the winter so I can use the treadmill as I dont have one at home, but is that a bit extreme? I swim once a week too and was considering adding an exercise class to my routine in September (when my little boy starts school) so wouldn't just be payng a membership to run, but just curious what others do?



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  • I've been thinking about the same dilemma myself! I'm not sure about the gym as I'm not a fan of the treadmill, but if I have no other option then I might consider it. I'm thinking I might just brave it and keep running outside as long as there's not too much ice. You never know it might be a really mild winter again, otherwise I'll just make sure I'm wearing my high-vis and keep my wits about me.

  • I got myself a high vis and a head torch. Other than feeling a bit of a prat for a few minutes it works nicely.

  • I've been thinking about this too. I really don't want to give up just because it's dark outside! The nearest gym to me is a bit of a walk away too so not too keen on that. My concern is more a safety issue. I don't anyone will be running in the local park when it's dark, so don't think it would be that safe. I'll probably have to stick to the streets. Should be able to fit in a weekend run too during daylight hours.

  • Same thoughts here. I do have a treadmill at home, but now I'm running for longer I'm using it less, as it is much nicer (more distracting!) to run outside. I'll keep running outdoors as much as I can, but I do plan to re-start my leisure centre membership in September. I want to start swimming regularly again and do some classes, as well as use the gym. I'm thinking Tai Chi might be quite good for me, and Zumba was great fun (apart from hurting my knees). When I reach a more reasonable weight I plan to invest in a running jacket for outdoors, so I can be high vis and (partially, at least) water resistant.

  • I'm fortunate to have a shower at work so am planning on running during my lunch break when the nights draw in. I should also be at a reasonable level of fitness then that's its not too embarrassing to go panting back into the office afterwards!

  • I was just planning to run the streets in the dark, by streetlight. But will need to get a very light waterproof, but no idea what to buy yet. At least one run a week will be in daylight (weekend run)' all this talk of winter, people will be mentioning Christmas next...d'oh

  • I know I know, sorry to bring up winter when summer seems to be only just begninning! lol... Just something I've been thinking about.... I live in the sticks so no street lighting, wouldn't feel that safe running down dark country lanes hence the though of joining the gym... its a shame as I prefer the outdoor running!

  • I ran all last winter but ALWAYS wore my HiViz jacket and on cold days a running hat of same colour. The idea I've been playing about with is joining a running club and then you can at least be with others and if they have acces to a track run on it too. I've tried a treadmill at my gym and can't seem to get to grips with them, they make me feel dizzy!! :( I live near forest tracks and will be looking forward to the snow again this winter when I'll put on my old trainers and my snow spikes, its great fun, hard work though. At the moment I'm just praying for nice weather.

  • If you can run in school hours you should have no trouble. I started C25k in February and live out the country and only didn't run if there was actually snow on the road. (Old girl is made of sterner stuff - not even snow stops her!). If it was raining or foggy I stuck to footpaths but otherwise had a Hiviz tabard and ran on country roads quite happily. I am struggling with the heat at the moment and looking forward to a bit of Autumn weather. Light drizzle is actually my optimum running weather! :-)

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