Feel smug when I beat the weather!

Feel smug when I beat the weather!

Just back from my run and it was pretty hard today but I feel satisfied I went out and did what I needed to do. I will be celebrating with a cream scone. As I flopped on the couch, the rain started to pelt, so happy when I choose to run at just the right time and miss the rain. Think I have been running now for maybe 8 months and done pretty well. In fact my favourite running season was winter so far. Have you managed to dodge the rain clouds?

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  • I started in June, and have only had rain once, I think it was either week 1 or 2. I was in Brighton and ran along the seafront, I can remember the frequent stops, thinking I would never be able to run a continuous 30 mins. Then all of July had the really hot weather but dodged that by going mostly early mornings. I am due to graduate tomorrow.

  • Fantastic Vanessa! Very exciting to graduate and then you will be a free runner! I felt a little strange on week 9 because I wondered if I could keep going without structure. However, it was great to be able to plan my runs and set my own goals

  • Yay, well done Joolie! Yep I too managed to miss the rain this morning. Hope you enjoyed that scone! Mmmmmmmm πŸ˜†

  • I ran yesterday and got well and truly soaked! 😊 I have to admit I like running in the rain and just had to get used to it last winter/spring as I often didn't have much flexibility in the time I ran!πŸƒ

  • I love the rain. Less people about! I like a lonesome soak ;) I like a cream scone too!

  • I love the rain! I don't get as many opportunities as I would like, mostly it rains over night here. Yesterday was an exception, I got a right good soaking! Lovely!

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