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Rosettes for the biggest slugs + my embarrassing moment

Did my last W7 run today. When my alarm went off, it was so dark outside, I was sure I'd set my alarm too early. Had a banana before I set off, feeling very tired so nothing unusual! I decided I should do my upslope run so off we went,my dog and me. Was very hard work but got some relief on the downhill track. I went onto the roads and then on a track that runs along the side of the railway. I wanted to get to a marker that I could find on Googlemaps and then I turned back but I decided to run back to the start of this track, and I ended up running an extra 5 mins!!! Can't believe I did this! BUT (and this is a big but) the best thing was that, according to Google maps, today I ran 4.19K!!!!!!!!

Some massive slugs around today. Feel I should make tiny rosettes for the biggest ones!

I ended up some way from home so my mp3 went on from Couch25K. I was walking down the lane belting out Ollie Murs(I think) 'the 1st time ever I saw your face' and realised I was being listened to by an amazed man (or was he scared?). Oh my, what a fool I felt!

W8 here I come but not sure my dog will be joining me, when I picked up her lead today, she was still in her bed-normally she's waiting to go. Most of the run, she was behind me, only wagging her tail when I talked to her so on Monday, if she's not up, I might try just slipping out without her.

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Well done you that sounds fantastic! I've been very bad about not running in the hot weather but really should try some early mornings. I'm sure you will breeze W8 as you've already done 30 mins. :-)


Thanks Pingle. Early mornings is the only way to run in this weather! So hot now, I can't believe it'll be any cooler tomorrow though!


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