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W5R3 - I did it!! (And can't quite believe it!)

Just got back from my W5R3 this morning, and I actually managed it! This was the run I was really dreading. Eight minutes straight to 20 minutes? Not a chance, I thought. I was considering just sticking with the W5R2 podcast for a couple more runs, but when I asked on here what other people thought I should do I got lots of encouragement to just go for it, bite the bullet, and move on to W5R3.

And that is what I did.

I think I managed it by starting off slowly - I mean really slowly. So slowly I was probably jogging backwards. But it worked, and I reached the end of the 20 minutes without being too knackered (in fact, five minutes later I caught myself thinking 'Oh, I think I could do that again,' shockhorror).

And I couldn't have done it without the community here. Without the support, encouragement and inspiration I found here I would have definitely chickened out of this run. But I haven't (thank you!), I'm still alive, so roll on week 6!

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Well done, we all knew you could do it!


Well done! You should never listen to that nagging little voice in your head, it's amazing what you can do :D I did laugh at running "so slowly I was probably jogging backwards", I think we all know the feeling! Really happy for you, and it's onwards and upwards from here.


Well done, brilliant achievement - W5R3 is a massive milestone to have reached and sounds like you nailed it! x


I think the W5R3 run is a great boost, once you've actually convinced yourself to go for it. I was scared to do it, but like you, everyone on here gave me the encouragement to go out and give it a go. The boost I got from completing it gave the the confidence to carry on. I wasn't scared of failing the 25 minute runs cos I'd done 20 so another 5 couldn't be so bad. It made me realise that with another few weeks training I actually will run for 30 minutes, something I'd never really thought I could do. Nor anyone else who knows me either! So well done and good luck for W6.


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