I have done few 5k runs in the last 2-3 weeks with some difficulty. I would like some advise on the next stage please?

I am super slow -take 45 mins to do 5k. Being short and 51/2 stones overweight probably does not help. What I am struggling to decide is whether I should gradually increase the distnace (ie. do some 5 to 10K programme) or should I improve my speeed first before aiming for 10k? I would really like to 10k in Milan in March 2013.

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  • My advice is to keep doing the distance and ignore the speed. As you do more you will get fitter and the speed will come naturaly. You will also find in a 10km it is a lot more fun at the back so do not worry about speed.

  • Oh thank you Hellsteeth for a quick reply-I will start looking into 10k programes now:-)

  • The further you run, the faster the shorter distances get... To a point. After that intervals are a good idea. Concentrating of distance for now is a good idea. Remember to increase slowly 10% a week or thereabouts.

  • Thanks Andysteve

  • Keep with distanceI graduated afew weeks ago and can only manage 5k in 45mins and would love to improve distance but having read stories here I will persevere with jogging/running for 30mins and hopefully speed will come !!!!

  • Thanks- I think I will continue doing park runs every sat and increase the distance for one of my other runs gradually.