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First Parkrun on Halloween

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I'm completing C25K week 9 on Saturday, with my first parkrun. Feeling excited, but not very optimistic about being able to run 5K without collapsing :-(

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Don't worry if you need to walk, but make sure you do your 30 minutes first! I suspect the occasion will spur you on, though - just try to keep moving, however slow a pace. Enjoy it, Parkrun's a great thing!


It doesn't matter HOW you do it. You can walk the whole way round if necessary..... but I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Just go as slow as you need to (especially at the start when it is easy to get carried away) and I do hope you enjoy it. Have you looked up the clubs at your local parkrun to see if any other C25Kers run it ?

You'll be great - and being Halloween, you just have to keep ahead of the zombies - or possibly become one! Good luck.


You don't say where you are in the program I would suggest you slowly run your planned C25K run the walk run the rest, Despite the name there is no pressure to run 5K while doing the plan and most people can't when they complete it ! Relax and enjoy the Parkrun good luck !! :)


How exciting, have you run 5K before? I graduated with parkrun too, so it can be done - I am 52 and a little overweight. Just take ur time, maybe stay at the back and find someone to run with. Mutually there is a tail runner, someone who stays at the back to encourage slower or new runners. Really exciting way to finish the programme, keep us updated!! Julie


Ooh a parkrun is the best! Well I love 'em anyway! Have fun and just take things steady. I'm sure you will be fine. Nearly graduating, how exciting is that too! x :-)


you don't have to run it all, lots do run/walks or even just walking it , go along, start nearer to the back and don't go off to fast ,take walk breaks if you need too :D

parkrun is a great event and a fab way to graduate :D good luck and let us know how it goes


Thank you so much for all your encouraging messages! I'm on week 9, run 2.

Good luck


Not very optimistic! Come on, it'll be a blast! Think positive!


I ran my first Parkrun on W7 R3, and I'm doing one tomorrow as W8 R3. Personally I found it's a mental thing that makes getting past 20min hard, and with the atmosphere of running with others, and a change of scene I managed it without noticing it was the longest I'd ever run for. So hopefully it'll be the same for you - but there are fast runners, slow joggers and walkers at a Parkrun - no one judges you on how you get round, or how fast you get round. Just go for it and enjoy being treated the same as every other person on the day.


That's 5k in the bag. Parkrun was tough. My body was begging me to stop, but I didn't listen to it :-)

Managed my three goals for my first parkrun: run non-stop, not to finish next to tail-runner and do it in under 40 minutes. I came in 254th place, out of 261, in 37.11 minutes.


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Brilliant! One down, hundreds more to go! πŸƒ

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