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w6r1 done...not too bad!

I headed out early on Tuesday morning for my first run of week 6. I was really quite worried following my 5 days out of no exercise and a bit too much going out and knew it was going to have a negative impact on my running. In fact, I was very pleasantly surprised. I even found the first 5 minutes quite easy (what?!) although the 8 minutes were a little tougher, but I still managed it without too many problems. The last 5 minutes again were a bit tough but definitely doable and I even managed to quicken my pace a little. I must say I was quite anxious about this run as it is as I had seen quite a few posts with people saying they had found this one really tough. With this in mind I definitely lowered my pace a little, trying not to get overconfident after my 20 minute run last week! Even so, I ran my furthest yet so I was very pleased with myself! I have scheduled my run 2 for tomorrow evening when I expect it will be very warm so not particularly excited for that one...but I am looking forward to the final run of this week...25 minutes!

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