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I did W3R2 today, for the first time it was under 20° and it did make running a bit easier. But starting Saturday our weatherman is threatening us with temps well over 30° until the middle of next week. Any tips for running in hot weather? How much of what to eat/drink, before/during/after the run? I'll go in the woods in the evenings but it's still going to be pretty warm, and I can't go in the early morning because my back needs a few hours to get going every day.

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  • For the past few weeks I've been running in temperatures around there and it's been pretty tough. Sometimes I go out earlier in the morning when it's a bit cooler but evening can be good too as there is more shade to run in.

    I've started wearing a cap so that my head and face stay cooler and occasionally take water with me too, as the heat can get you very dehydrated which makes the run a million times harder. I actually find running in the sun is the hardest thing, so if you're in the woods you should be fairly well covered. Good luck!

  • This is my third go at replying, the others seem to have got lost somewhere... Thanks for the cap idea, now it seems really obvious but I hadn't thought of it for myself! I'm going to try to get up a bit earlier tomorrow and go before the heat hits us. Fingers crossed :-)

  • i hate going when its so warm, i feel guildty admitting it but the last time i ventured out was last Monday. evenings are still sooooo warm - supposed to be cooler Mon & Tue

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